Harvard Business School


Harvard Business School’s Alumni Relations department was having problems engaging their alumni with all of the products and services available to them. They recruited us to help introduce or reintroduce the services, programs, and opportunities available to alumni and to prompt action/use by the alumni population.

Our solution was to create an interactive, illustrated “instruction manual” for HBS alumni that cover all the Dos and Don’ts of post-HBS life. Our concept – The HBS Alumni Wilderness Survival Handbook  – juxtaposed the journey of an HBS alumnus to the journey of a wilderness hike where key information is presented along the way. The landing page experience acts as the “handbook” which can be accessed anytime along alumni’s journey.

In order to generate awareness for the launch of this landing page, we created six teaser videos that highlight different chapters of the Handbook and their corresponding Dos and Don’ts, each with a different humorous twist, as well as banner ads and print ads. Following the launch we created physical versions of the Handbook to be handed out to alumni at events. 

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